On Tuesday, June 6th, Sherri Holliday-Sklar from Rogers Rotary, along with Michael Dewberry from NWTI, and graduating Marshallese electronics student, Janton Kamram, were on hand for a check presentation of $10,000 from Rotary to Northwest Technical Institute, to provide scholarships for Marshallese students. Rotary is a global network of 1.4 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe, in their communities, and in themselves. Two years ago, the Rogers Rotary Club set out to help the Marshallese Community by assisting in their continuing education efforts. The Rogers Rotary organized a bicycle ride in April 2023 to raise funds for this purpose. 27 Rotarians volunteered to provide a good experience for 53 registered bicyclists. The participation and assistance of the Consulate General of the Marshall Islands was greatly appreciated. Dedicated NWTI instructors and staff provide training for jobs that are in high demand. The Rogers Rotary Club believes that this scholarship funding will make it easier for Marshallese students to graduate and succeed as they work to improve the lives of their families and community! #marshallese #community #springdale #nwti #nwarkansas #scholarships #education #thankyou
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NWTI Director of CDL and Special Projects Michael Dewberry and Rogers Rotary Club's Sherri Holliday-Sklar and NWTI Student Janton Kamram shown with $10,000 donation check
NWTI Electronics Student Janton Kamram
You can quickly earn a technical certificate in the field of Modern Trail Management, and be prepared for a number of trail careers including manager, crew member, project manager and more. Through the MTE program at NWTI, you will learn trade application, history, ethics, and safety, as well as government and industry insight. You’ll also have networking opportunities to collaborate with employers and community partners, building relationships in this rapidly growing field! #trails #trailmanagment #certification #nwti #nwarkansascouncil #workforceeducation Learn more at: www.nwti.edu
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Get your modern trails cert from NWTI
IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ED2GO, discover Northwest Technical Institute’s (NWTI) extensive range of 100% online career training and professional development courses, mapped to local workforce demand and designed to help you upskill, reskill, and earn certifications for sought-after professions. Click the link below (or go to: nwti.edu and look for "Online Learning" )to see our affordable Career Training Professional Development courses. Online Learning that works within YOUR SCHEDULE! https://www.nwti.edu/o/nti/page/online-education #nwti #onlinelearning #onlineclasses #careerdevelopment #upskilling #workforceeducation #nwarkansas #ed2go
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Online Learning Student
ICE CREAM SOCIAL THURSDAY! In our continuing effort to honor our #teachers, this afternoon there's a big #NWTI Ice Cream Social! As you can plainly see - - we have #fun. And because they really deserve it, the table spread included some of everything! Scoopmaster Ashley Simpson - Secondary Education Director, wasn't a ton of help - - look at that tiny ice cream "scoop!" It got a little contentious as you can see Automotive Technology Instructor - John Lindsay, threatening one of his peers with a plastic spoon. John there's plenty for everyone! #thankyou #thankateacher #nationalteachersweek #icecream #nwarkansas #party
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have a scoop and a smile
the ice cream spread
plastic fork aggression
we are having fun now
ice cream makes people laugh
vanilla scooping
gimme that
ARE CRUNK CUPS STILL A THING? LOL...As another token of our #appreciation during Teacher's Week, Surgical Technology Director/Instructor Kendra Thompson shows off today's tribute: a high quality, extra-large Thermos! Remember taking those to school? Actually it's a double- insulated (hot or cold) drink tumbler! Proudly emblazoned with our NWTI logo and given out to all of our #instructors. Tuesday we celebrated from 1pm - 4pm with a Faculty Snack Bar. Apparently some enjoyed it more than others! Pictured in this post is our Information Systems Director/Instructor Molly Colorado, "enjoying a snack." In all seriousness we continue to salute our teachers this week. Thank you for all that you do! #faculty #teachers #teachersweek #education #thankateacher #nwarkansas
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Kendra and her Teachers Week Staff Gift
Molly Colorado enjoys a pastry
#NWTI salutes nurses EVERYWHERE! Because they really do "Make The Difference!" Won't you join us as we give thanks for, and recognize these VITAL healthcare workers? #nationalnursesweek #nursing #nurses #thankyou
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nurses make the difference week 2024
THANK YOU TEACHERS! For everything you do, and what you mean to our students here at #NWTI! Doesn't Mr. John Meredith from our Automotive Technology Program embody "service with a smile?" Let's all take the time to thank a teacher this week! #nationalteachersweek #teachers #students #education #instructors #faculty #thankyou
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thank you teachers - teachers week
On April 24th, the State of Arkansas honored the "Top 25 GED Test Scorers" in the state. Two #NWTI Adult Education #students were recognized: Eric Larsen and Garrett Marovich. Both are pictured with Director of Arkansas Workforce Connection - Cody Waits and Director of Arkansas Adult Education Section - Dr. Trenia Miles. This is a testament to the effectiveness of not only our Adult Education Center, but more notably, the VERY hard work these two young men put in. CONGRATULATIONS on an incredible #accomplishment Eric & Garrett! Your NWTI Family is very proud of you both! #workforceeducation #GED #adulteducation #littlerock #nwarkansas #workforceconnection
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Eric Larsen GED Top 25 Score Student
Top 25 GED Score NWTI Adult Ed Student Garrett Marovich
2023 GED Top 25 Scorers Award Ceremony Program Cover
YESTERDAY WAS PARTY DAY for our Administrative Professionals Team! We saluted them with lunch and dessert, and made sure to thank them for everything they do to keep #NWTI running! #administrativeprofessionalsday #staff #party #thankyou #special
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Adult Ed Staff Admin Prof Day  Party
Carina Ronni and Andrea Admin Professionals Party
2024 Admin Professionals Day - Amy and Gretchen
Free community-wide house buying training!
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free training
Our #NWTI Diesel Technology students competed in four categories at the Arkansas SkillsUSA conference in Hot Springs this week. We won Gold in all four categories, also a silver in one, plus a bronze in another! Diesel Equipment Technology Thomas Lingren - Gold Customer Service Gustavo Hernandez - Gold Samual Govitz - Silver Job Skills Demonstration A Bryan Cenobio - Gold William Newman - Bronze Related Technical Math Ethan Nguyen - Gold We're really proud of these Diesel Tech students. They put in the hard work, they showed their skills, and it paid off. Leaning the hands-on way at NWTI leads to winning! #Congratulations to all of them, and a big thank you to NWTI Instructors Kent Chambers and Tony Peachee! #diesel #skillsusa #nwarkansas #workforceeducation #littlerock #adhe #ade #cte
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Skills USA Competition NWTI Winners Row
2 NWTI Skills Comp Statewide winners
NWTI SkillsUSA Winners group pic
Kent Chambers and the SkillsUSA Winners
Tony Peachee and the SkillsUSA Winners
THANK YOU FOR VOTING #NWTI BEST Vocational/Technical School! An annual contest put on by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, where over 600,000 votes are cast in numerous categories with "Favorite Technical/Vocational School" being one of them. This event is to determine by popular vote who your favorites are in the NW Arkansas region! We are very grateful to be a 4 time winner in "The Best Of..." competition. We invite to check out nwti.edu to find out more! #nwakansas #workforceeducation #trades #stategovernment #littlerock #education #bestnwa #thankyou #nwadg
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thankyouforvoting us best
⭐️ IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN ⭐️ Our 4th Annual Trades Competition is right around the corner! Saturday, May 4th!! Registration is OPEN! ANY Junior and Senior students are welcome! Scan the QR Code to register!
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#NWTI HOSTED A NEW PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT today. Joint Vocational Training between Japan & America. On hand and to deliver the announcement and make a presentation were, Yukio Tada - Board Chairman of CEPEX; Yoshihiro Sasaki - President & CEO of R-Cubes; Joe Rollins - Workforce Development Director for the NWA Council; and Ron Maloney - Economic Development Director for the NWA Council. #workforceeducation #skilldevelopment #employment #opportunity
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#NWTI Eclipse Mania! Here at Northwest Technical Institute in Springdale, we got almost 95% eclipse totality. The light got eerie, but our celebration with #staff, #faculty and #students did not! Our guests from Japan also stayed for the #viewing festivities. And Automotive Technology Instructor John Lindsey broke out an eBike - - although he didn't let anyone else ride it! A great afternoon after a great morning here at NWTI, and one of the best things about it? NO #TRAFFIC! #eclipse2024 #nwarkansas #totality #getoutofclass
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SIGN UP YOUR EMPLOYEES for a refresher course in Basic Electrical #Diagnosis and Digital #Multimeter usage! Spots are beginning to fill quickly, #reserve your place now! #electrical #nwarkansas #electricalemployers #employers #workforceeducation #upskill
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FROM THE APRIL 3RD, "BUILD MY FUTURE" EVENT at The Jones Center in #Springdale. It's a construction career day and industry showcase geared towards high school students. #NWTI was on hand to show and tell #students from around our region, career workforce education opportunities and how we can help them reach their #goals. It was a packed house, and we look forward to continuing to #support this initiative in the future! #workforceeducation #careers #highschool #nwarkansas #secondaryeducation #nursing
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A FEW VIP SPECIAL GUESTS attended our NWTI, March 2024, quarterly Board of Directors' Meeting. There to #support and to #advocate for #NWTI and our #workforce education #mission and initiatives were (from L to R): Dan Douglas - President of the NWTI Educational Foundation; Wes Taylor - President of NWA Steel; State Representative Steve Unger; Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse; and Washington County Judge Patrick Deakins. A heartfelt thank you to them for their continued partnership and unwavering support of NWTI! #workforceeducation #littlerock #stategovernment #localgovernment #nwarkansas #nwabusiness
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THIS IS MAYRA GARCIA. At our most recent Board of Directors' Meeting, she led us all in the Pledge of Allegiance. Here's just a little bit about Mayra and why we're so proud to have here at #NWTI. Mayra is a very #dedicated #student. She started attending our family literacy classes at Tyson Elementary in September 2022. Since then, she has been taking ESL #classes at our Adult Education Center as well as a #citizenship class in preparation for the #naturalization process. Mayra is also a part of the PTLA (Parents Taking Leadership & Action) program at Westwood Elementary, where she has been participating for years. While being a #Mom to three children, along with all of these and other obligations, she continues to have a #positive #attitude, and her English is improving greatly. We're all so proud of her hard work! #education #esl #adulteducation #leadership #support
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LAST WEEK AT OUR #NWTI Board of Directors' Meeting, Kent Chambers from Medium/Heavy Truck Technology was awarded Teacher of the Quarter! Well deserved Kent! Mr. Chambers is about to retire from NWTI, so we also want to acknowledge and thank him for all his years of EXCELLENT work for NWTI and for our students! #salute #commemorate #workforceeducation #instructors #teachers #thankyou
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