Northwest Technical Institute

Jobs at Northwest Technical Institute

  • Instructor – Commercial Truck Driving – Full or Part Time

    Northwest Technical Institute is looking for qualified applicants to fill both full and part time Commercial Driving Instructor vacancies. Applicants must have a valid Class A CDL.

    Email Resumes to: Email NWTI Human Resources

  • Instructor – Construction Technology

    Northwest Technical Institute is looking for qualified applicants to fill a Construction Technology Instructor vacancy. Applicants should be knowledgeable in: Concrete and Masonry, Framing, Basic wiring and plumbing.

    Email Resumes to: Email NWTI Human Resources

  • Adult Education Instructor

    The NWTI Adult Education center is looking for qualified applicants to fill part time Adult Education Instructor positions at the center and at other satellite locations throughout northern Washington County.  We are looking for qualified applicants to teach English as a Second Language in our partnership with Springdale Public Schools to teaching in the Family Literacy Program.

    The Adult Ed Instructor is required but not limited to satisfy the following for employment with the Family Literacy Program:

    • 16 hours weekly (12 of instruction and 4 planning/meetings) Monday-Thursday

    • Incorporate the four components of SFLP (Adult education, Child education, PACT time, and Parent time) as designated by SFLP guidelines

    • Utilize strategies appropriate for English Language Learners to acquire skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing

    • Collaborate with all SFLP staff and assigned building staff

    • Conduct weekly site team meetings with assigned school site team and submit meeting minutes to the SFLP staff and NWTI Director

    • Attend weekly district SFLP meetings as designated by the SFLP Coordinator

    • Attend NWTI professional development and NWTI Adult Ed’s staff meetings as designated by NWTI’s Adult Ed Director

    • Conduct and submit student enrollment and test requirements to NWTI Adult Ed

    • Monitor student attendance and testing hours through LACES on a weekly basis

    • Submit weekly attendance form and bi-monthly time sheets to NWTI 

    • Actively support recruitment for the program

    • Maintain a minimum average attendance of 8 students per month

    Minimum Qualifications

    • Must have current Arkansas teaching certificate and 2 years teaching experience

    • ESL endorsement or experience working with adults preferred but not required

    Email resumes to: Email NWTI Human Resources