High School Programs


The NWTI Secondary Career Center (SCC) is a secondary career and technology center that serves the public schools in Northwest Arkansas.  We provide training for current high school students to earn high school credit in career and technical fields.  The SCC is available to junior and senior high school students. The SCC is supported by the Arkansas State Department of Career Education.  We provide students with access to high quality career and technical certification programs and concurrent college academics.

Wouldn’t You Like To Get More Out Of Your High School Experience?

High school students throughout northwest Arkansas can enjoy a unique and meaningful education experience that can lead to a value-added high school graduation that includes an industry recognized technical certification or significant hours toward a certificate, post-secondary diploma, or college degree. To view information about specific programs, please view our student handbook.

Why Participate In The Secondary Career Center?

Advance your career. If you’re interested in a particular area, get a start on it now! By the time you leave high school, you could have professional certification and/or earn college credit in a career field you enjoy!

Save money. The technical training through NWTI’s SCC program is paid for by the local school districts and is funded by the State of Arkansas and is offered at no cost to you!

Save time. For some classes you will gain high school and college credit at the same time, cutting out as much as an entire year of training or schooling after you graduate from high school.

Meet new friends. Students attending the SCC program will come from as many as 17 area high school in Northwest Arkansas. You will meet people from all over the region, which means you’ll make more contacts and increase your exposure to future career possibilities.

Learn what you like. Instead of taking electives just to fill high school requirements, focus only on what you want to learn!

Graduate from your own high school. SCC program classes are offered either morning or afternoons. You can still have up to a half day to participate in your own high school programs and your graduation diploma will come from your home high school.

Programs Offered

Automotive Service Technology


Diesel And Truck Technology


Industrial Maintenance

Ammonia Refrigeration


Enrollment Information

Priority in enrollment is given to students as follows:

  1. Returning second-year students

  2. First-year juniors

  3. First-year seniors

Eleventh and twelfth grade students are eligible to enroll in our Secondary Career Center.  In order to be considered for enrollment, all students must have a minimum GPA of a 2.0.  In addition to the minimum GPA guidelines, each program area may have specific guidelines that are used to determine enrollment, which are listed with the program descriptions in our handbook.  The final determination of enrollment in any of the programs will be at the discretion of the instructor and the center director. 

Students who wish to enroll should talk to their home high school counselor or principal. All students, including returning students, must complete an enrollment application before being considered for admission in any of the training areas.