Welding Technology

Application Dates:  February 1-May 31 (Fall enrollment only).  This program requires all applicants with a completed file to go through an interview process.  Letters and emails will be sent to students with further instruction.

Semester Start Date(s):  Fall

To prepare students to be competent entry-level welders in order to gain employment and advancement opportunities in the field of Welding Technology.


  1. To learn proper safety procedures in the operation, care, and maintenance of machinery and instruments.

  2. To develop good working habits necessary to obtain and sustain employment.

  3. To learn metal fabrication techniques.

  4. To develop awareness of the importance of preventative maintenance and high quality workmanship.

  5. To recognize the importance of involvement in student organizations. 

Program Information
The Welding Technology program offers training in the basic skills and knowledge needed in the operation of welding equipment through basic and advanced welding techniques.  Students will gain the knowledge and performance potential to work in the industrial, commercial, or private sector as entry-level employees.  Students will learn proper safety procedures in the operation, care and maintenance of machinery and instruments related to their vocation.  Topics include oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, welding, and brazing, shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).  A classroom instruction is integrated with lab assignments to provide each student with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the welding field.   

The basic program covers 1,080 clock hours and 40 credit hours in two sixteen-week terms and one five-week summer term.  The five-week summer term includes a 120-hour internship program where students apply knowledge in a real workforce setting. 

  • Length of program:  2 semesters and 1 summer term

  • Estimated cost of program including in-state tuition, fees, books, and supplies:  $6,439

Academic Requirements
Students must maintain a 2.0 or greater cumulative grade point average.  Students with a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.0 may be placed on academic probation.  Students will receive grades on their Campus Portal accounts periodically to evaluate performance. 

Course Progression
Students must maintain a 70% (2.0) grade in each course of the welding curriculum.  If a student makes below a 70% (2.0) grade in any course, the student will be exited from the program and will be encouraged to reapply the following year. If the student retakes the courses within the curriculum, the grades earned in the retake semester will replace the previous semester, even if a higher grade was earned in the course the first time the student took the course.

If a student is eligible for financial aid, financial aid will only over the course in which the student did not maintain a 70% (2.0) grade.  Again, if a student retakes a class in which they earned a passing grade, they are not eligible for financial aid for that course.

Dress Code
The objective of the WLD Department is to help students develop the skills and attitudes that are necessary to succeed in the welding environment.  Every effort is made to inform students of what will be expected of them once they enter the workforce.  Therefore, appropriate, reasonable dress and appearance are required of all students in the WLD Department.  Personal protection such as hoods and gloves are the responsibility of the student. Students will not be able to train without proper safety equipment. Specific guidelines will be distributed during the first week of each semester.

 Attendance Policy
WLD has an attendance policy that states:  any student who misses 10% of the training hours for a course has failed that course.  There are no excused absences.  A form to be used for a professional development absence is available.  This form can cover your attendance for job interviews, school activities, and other professional reasons if the form is completed and submitted before the absence.  Any special circumstances will be reviewed by WLD faculty.