Industrial Maintenance Technology

Application Dates:  February 1-May 31.  This program requires all applicants with a completed file to go through an interview process.  Letters and emails will be sent to students with further instruction.

Semester Start Date:  Fall 

The Industrial Maintenance program is dedicated to providing an advanced educational opportunity in the field of industrial maintenance that assists industry in maintaining a skilled workforce with an emphasis on safety.

To make an impact on the future of industry and the community by providing exemplary industrial educational experiences for students in the Industrial Maintenance field.


  • To promote safe work habits

  • To recognize the importance of continuing education

  • To develop good working habits necessary to obtain and sustain employment

Program Information
Industrial Maintenance Technology is designed to instruct the student in the related field of industrial maintenance and prepare the student for an entry-level position in maintenance and repair of industrial machines, equipment, and power distribution.  Emphasis is placed on troubleshooting skills, preventative maintenance techniques and safety.  Students will gain the knowledge and performance potential to work in the industrial, commercial, or private sector.

Students will learn the proper safety procedures in the operation, care and maintenance of machinery and instruments related to their vocation.  Also included is the opportunity to get actual experience in machinery repair and related repair and maintenance.

  • Length of program:  2 semesters and 1 summer term

  • Estimated cost of program including in-state tuition, fees, books and supplies:  $4,887.

Why Consider the IMT field?​
A shortage of skilled technicians in the industrial maintenance industry has created considerable opportunity for employment. And, because of the high-tech technology used on today's equipment, there is an increasing demand for certified technicians. NWTI's program trains qualified industrial maintenance technicians who have excellent career opportunities.

Job Possibilities

  • Industrial Maintenance Technician

  • ​Maintenance Generalist

  • Maintenance Specialist