Adult Education

Arkansas High School Diploma

…How do I get it?

Step 1 – Enrollment
Stop by the Adult Education Center located at the northwest corner of the Northwest Technical Institute campus. Complete an enrollment form and the TABE Locator Test. The process takes approximately one hour.

Step 2 – Orientation
High school equivalency (GED®) students must complete an orientation session and learning styles inventory prior to beginning the program of study.

Step 3 – TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education)
High school equivalency (GED®) students enrolled at the center must make an appropriate score on the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) assessment before beginning the GED® Ready Test. The TABE consists of reading, language, and math subtests.

Step 4 – Counseling & Study
Results from the TABE test and learning styles inventory enable teachers to diagnose, evaluate, and successfully provide students with appropriate learning options. The TABE results indicate an individual’s skill level in reading, math, and language.  This test will determine any weak skill areas a student may have and allow them to focus on those areas. Individualized instruction, computer-based learning, and classes are available at the center. Distance learning options are available for those students who qualify. Students who score at the grade 9 level or above in reading, math, and language may be automatically allowed to take the preparatory GED® Ready Test.

Step 5 – High School Equivalency (GED®) Ready Test
The GED® Ready Test (pretest) is similar to the official exam, and is also taken on a computer. The student must make a sufficient score on pretests before being allowed to take this exam. Students may take each section of the exam separately.

FINAL Step – High School Equivalency (GED®)
The high school equivalency (GED®) exam! When students are ready, individual sections of the official exam will be scheduled.  There will be a small fee of $4.00 for each of the four sections. Scholarships are available to assist with the fee.

All services are paid by the Arkansas Department of Career Education, Adult Education Division.

Confidentiality:  No student information can be shared with a third party without the written consent of that student.

The NWTI Adult Education Center provides equal access to all programs and activities. Accommodations for disabilities are available.

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