Course Number Course Name Clock Hours Credit Hours
SST1003 Medical Terminology 54 3
SST1004 Anatomy & Physiology 64 4
SST1113 Technical Mathematics 46 3
SST2102 Surgical Practicum I 90 3
SST2117 Surgical Procedures I 285 19
SST3208 Surgical Practicum II 360 8
SST3213 Surgical Procedures II 248 16
SST4303 Surgical Procedures III 48 3
SST4304 Surgical Practicum III 160 3
Total Theory Hours 835
  Total Clinical Hours 6520
  Total Hours 1,355 62

Suggested Schedule

Fall Semester

SST1003  Medical Terminology

SST1004  Anatomy & Physiology

 SST1103 Technical Communications

SST1113  Technical Mathematics

SST2102  Surgical Practicum I

SST2117  Surgical Procedures I


Spring Semester

SST3208  Surgical Practicum II

SST3213  Surgical Procedures II


Summer I

SST4303  Surgical Procedures III

SST4304  Surgical Practicum III

The following courses are required to receive a diploma in Surgical Technology:

Surgical Technology Course Curriculum