Prerequisite Classes
Course Number Course Name Clock Hours Credit Hours
NPR1004 Nursing Career Management 66 3
NPR1103 Technical Mathematics 45 3
NPR1202 Spanish for Healthcare Personnel 33 2
NPR1203 Introduction to Computers 45 3
NPR1204 Medical Terminology 66 4
NPR1206 Anatomy & Physiology 93 6
NPR1303 Nutrition 45 3
NPR1403 Technical Communications 45 3
Nursing I Classes
LPN1304 Fundamentals 186 12
LPN1204 Pharmacology I 60 4
LPN1604 Mental Health 30 2
LPN1402 Geriatrics I 30 2
LPN1702 Adult I 30 2
LPN1105 Nursing Practicum I 216 4
Nursing II Classes
LPN1404 Family-OB/PEDS 60 4
LPN1502 Health Promotion and Management 30 2
LPN1704 Adult II 60 4
LPN1203 Pharmacology II 48 3
LPN2209 Nursing Practicum II 376 8
Nursing III Classes
LPN1804 Adult III 60 4
LPN1902 Vocational, Legal and Ethics 30 2
LPN13302 Nursing Practicum III 96 2
Total Hours 1,729 82
Total Theory Hours 1,062
Total Practicum Hours 688

Suggested Schedule

Spring Semester


NPR1004 Nursing Career Management
NPR1103 Technical Mathematics
NPR1202 Spanish for Healthcare Personnel
NPR1203 Introduction to Computers
NPR1204 Medical Terminology
NPR1206 Anatomy & Physiology
NPR1303 Nutrition
​NPR1403 Technical Communications

Fall Semester

Junior Level

LPN1304 Fundamentals
LPN1204 Pharmacology I
LPN1604 Mental Health
LPN1402 Geriatrics
LPN1702 Adult I
LPN1105 Nursing Practicum I


​Senior Level

LPN1404 Family-OB/PEDS
LPN1502 Health Promotion and Management
LPN1704 Adult II
LPN1204 Pharmacology II
LPN2209 Nursing Practicum II


Senior Level (continued)

LPN1804 Adult III
LPN1902 Vocational, Legal and Ethics
PN3302 Nursing Practicum III

The following courses are required to receive a Practical Nursing diploma:

Practical Nursing Course Curriculum