NTI Testing Center Information

​​​General Information
The NTI Testing Center is located in the Student Services Office at Northwest Technical Institute. Seven computers are available for testing.  Since the NTI Testing Center is located in the Student Services Office, the business of the Student Services Office takes priority over all testing. While the Student Services Staff makes every attempt to ensure that the NTI Testing Center is open for student testing, there may be instances where the NTI Testing Center will be closed. Advance notice of closing will be posted on the outside of the Student Services Office and on the front doors of the Administration Building.

Testing Hours
The NTI Testing Center is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.-11 a.m. Computer availability is based on a first come, first served basis. Appointments are not accepted at this time. Hours may vary due to holidays and school breaks. Please note: Since the NTI Testing Center is located in the Student Services Office, the Testing Center may be closed on various days in order to better accommodate the working of the Student Services Office or due to the lack of staff to proctor tests.

Testing Fees
Accuplacer Exam Fee is $10.00 (NTI full exam packet) or $5.00 per exam

The Accuplacer Exams are a part of Northwest Technical Institute’s admissions and registration process. As part of the admission process, all students who plan to enroll into a diploma granting program, and certain non-diploma classes at Northwest Technical Institute must submit test scores for the Accuplacer Exam or have the required COMPASS or ACT scores before potential students are contacted regarding the scheduling of his or her interview.

Below are the scores needed for Automotive Service Technology, Ammonia Refrigeration Maintenance Technology, Business Office Assistant, Diesel and Truck Technology, Electronics Technology, Information Systems, Industrial Maintenance Technology and Welding Technology:

             Accuplacer                                                  ACT                                                       COMPASS             Sentence Skills       53                                Math           16                                    Math (Pre-Algebra)            37    Arithmetic               35                                Writing        10                                    Writing                                15

Below are the scores needed for Licensed Practical Nursing, and Surgical Technology:

Sentence Skills        92
Arithmetic                65

Northwest Technical Institute will accept ACT, and COMPASS scores if the scores are no older than three years old and the scores met the minimum score range of the required Pre-Algebra and Writing sections.

Testing Rules
​Test takers are required to show a photo ID before taking the exam. NTI will provide scratch paper, pencils and calculator. Students are not allowed to use their own calculator on the tests. Please leave your cell phone in your vehicle.  NTI offers lockable lockers for you place your valuables in while you are taking the exams. NTI will provide two copies of the test scores to the test taker. Extra copies of the exam will result in an additional $5.00 charge. The Accuplacer exam can be retaken 14 days after the day the last test was taken. NTI students take preference over all other test takers.