Financial Aid Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of Northwest Technical Institute is,

“Changing lives through education, training, and skill development.”

In addition, the mission of the Northwest Technical Institute of Financial Aid Office is to provide quality services to students and their families for the purpose of obtaining sufficient financial assistance to achieve access to education.

Philosophy of Financial Aid at NTI
The philosophy of Northwest Technical Institute is to serve the training needs of all individuals who wish to enter a recognized occupation or, for those who have already entered an occupation, to upgrade their occupational skills and knowledge so that they may achieve stability or advancement in employment.  Northwest Technical Institute will strive to provide academic instruction to those individuals so that they may create a better life for themselves.  Northwest Technical Institute believes each individual is entitled to every assistance the school is able to provide in helping the individual plan a realistic vocational objective, assisting the individual while pursuing the plan, and aiding them in finding employment.

Northwest Technical Institute understands that many individuals may not have the financial resources to pay for the expenses of a post-secondary education.  Therefore, the school administers a financial aid program designed to assist qualifying students who are pursuing a program of study leading to a diploma.  Personal, individualized assistance is available for students, prospective students and their families who wish to apply for grants, scholarships and/or loans to help defray the costs of education.  The NTI Financial Aid Office serves as a point of information and referral to a variety of federal, state and private resources.