Suggested Schedule

Semester I 
COM1103 Technical Communications I
WLD1201 Basic Welding
DTT1005 Electrical Systems
DTT1806 Directed Study I
DTT1505 Tractor & Trailer Brakes
MTH1103 Technical Mathematics I

Semester II
COM1203 Technical Communications II
DTT2304 Drive Train & Axles
DTT2509 Directed Study II
DTT2604 Diesel Engines
DTT2901 Truck/Trailer Hydraulics

Semester III
DTT3302  Suspension & Steering
DTT3610 Directed Study III
DTT3502 Tractor Climate Control
DTT3506  Heavy Duty Electronic Systems

DTT3503 Advanced Practice

*DTT3302 Preventative Maintenance Inspections will be scheduled by Instructor during any given semester. 

The following courses are required to receive a diploma in Diesel Truck Technology:

DTT Course Curriculum