Suggested Schedule

Semester I 
COM1103 Technical Communications I
WLD1201 Basic Welding
DTT1005 Electrical Systems
DTT1806 Directed Study I
DTT1505 Tractor & Trailer Brakes
MTH1103 Technical Mathematics I

Semester II
COM1203 Technical Communications II
DTT2304 Drive Train & Axles
DTT2509 Directed Study II
DTT2604 Diesel Engines
DTT2901 Truck/Trailer Hydraulics

Semester III
DTT3002 Preventative Maintenance Inspections
DTT3610 Directed Study III
DTT3502 Tractor Climate Control
DTT3506  Heavy Duty Electronic Systems

DTT3503 Advanced HD Diagnostic
DTT3302 Suspension and Steering

The following courses are required to receive a diploma in Diesel Truck Technology:

DTT Course Curriculum